DIY Petal Fan Kits

Add a stylish touch to your wedding ceremony with these DIY Petal Fan program kits. They are perfect for dressing up your event while also providing comfort to guests at an outdoor ceremony.
DIY Petal Fan kits are available in white and cream in packs of either 50 sheets (150 petals) or 100 sheets (300 petals). All packs have 3 petals per sheet.
Before purchasing a full pack, we recommend ordering a DIY Petal Fan sample kit to make sure the kit is compatible with your printer. Also, be sure to check out our DIY Petal Fan Kit instructions and FAQ page.
Our DIY petal fans are micro-perforated (3 petals per 8.5"x11" sheet of paper). No tools, eyelets, brads, or ribbon are included with the kit. You will need to design, print, punch out the petals and holes, and assemble with your choice of binding or ribbon.
We also offer template design, eyelets, and pre-cut ribbon for purchase.
Download our instructions for more detailed information on the DIY petal fan kits.

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